1. Concept first.
We follow a strict process. Before we start, we zip it and listen. Several questions later, we'll know your brand backwards and the journey you're on. Then we go away, scratch our beards, mull it over, and turn it into a script that sounds more like you than you. What starts good, ends better.
2. Sound.
We think about SFX and music along with the storyboard, as it has a dramatic influence over the end product. Working to a beat or an emotion, sets the pace for the project, allowing it to flow to the highs and lows in the track. Never under-estimate the power of sound.
3. Design.
Anything is possible here. 2D, Hyper-real 3D, cell animated, stop motion, but only one will fit your story and your brand. We'll find it, and share our designs with you every step of the way. This stage always gets the 'Oh, wow' comments on Microsoft Teams.
4. Animation.
Bringing the designs into movement is where production starts. It takes time, but getting every nuance of movement is what we love. It gives the project character, personality and expression. We share wireframes first to get you on board. Then we export in full HD.